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Visual JAH | Brand Creator

You're in the right place to fix your Brand & Creative.

Your brand needs to have a voice, and an image.

DOn't make the mistake of thinking your brand message is obvious because to most people, it's not! But you can take control and design a brand and content that people love. 

The beauty of creating is finding your voice. You can't do it all yourself because it's an interaction between customers and yourself. You need a teammate to help you see your brand impact from the outside and create impact. I help your team to understand your brand, mission and vision, and to present those in your visual design, photography, videos, social media, websites, blogs, podcasts, and even your marketing strategy.

Get in touch today tostart your creative strategy and make your brand a creative success story.

Creative Consulting & Training

Since 2013, providing guaranteed top-quality training and creative consulting to small business leaders and creators. 


UX and Audience

Research and marketing go hand-in-hand. Get help knowing your audience to understand their needs.

Brand Identity

Brand comes into everything you do, but you need to understand where to focus your energy first.

Video Production

Developing video content that is on-brand will elevate your message and educate your customers. 

Marketing Strategy

Strategic thinking and planning is part of your leadership. And a partner is strategy will help you see clearly.

Web Design

Websites like this one are managed in WordPress. They can still be creative and beautiful, and managed by you!


Images are how you are first judged. Do you have a portrait that makes people like you right away? I can help!

Daniel RG Crandall - strategic creator portrait

Let's meet. I like zoom calls or conferences, but can connect with just about any technology that works for you.

Send a message below with your favorite time to connect.

Or use my direct contact info at the bottom. 

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Daniel RG Crandall

I wear many hats. They are all creative…

Daniel RG Crandall

Daniel RG Crandall


Daniel RG Crandall

Daniel RG Crandall

Creative Director - 615. 477. 0599

Daniel RG Crandall

Daniel RG Crandall


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